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Web Photographer

With this web application you can screenshot any website with the dimensions that you require.

You can also showcase a website in 4 different tastes, desktop, laptop, tablet and phone individually or in all 4 platforms at the same time. All generated automatically. This showcases are mostly used to show off a website to the world, used on portfolios, landing pages, presentations, you name it. Usually it requires the common Joe to take multiple screenshots to a browser, resizing the window multiple times and then gluing all together with photoshop or any other image editing software, with Web Photographer you can do that just by typing the url of the website and pressing one button, isn't that awesome?


  • Screenshot any website
  • Check how it looks on any device
  • Experiment with different screen sizes
  • Save the result to your disk


  • PHP 5.5.9 or newer
  • GD extension for PHP
  • exec function must be enabled on PHP

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André Filipe

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